TED and TED-Ed’s Social Media Strategy

As discussed in previous posts social media is exploding on the internet and, if used accurately, can be an incredibly powerful promotional tool for not only online learning but any business. Take TED-ED for example, an educational channel as part of the successful and incredibly innovative TED “ideas worth spreading” video site; their social media strategy has helped spread these ideas into our living rooms, bedrooms, even into the classroom and lecture halls. TED is a primarily video on demand website which involves short under 18 minute talks about almost anything. They have used a multitude of social media sites to market their “mission” and although they are not for profit they still work hard to spread these ideas. TED have a Facebook page, Pinterest page and not one but two Twitter pages where they have successfully used #hashtags to allow TED to appear in search results on Twitter. To further promote their talks TED and especially TED-ED (which started early March 2012) could use more #hashtags such as #edchat or some of the other popular #hashtags for education from this great Twitter #hashtag dictionary. TED also allow users to subscribe to their website and create a member profile to interact and speak with other TED subscribers; this is also an excellent way to help promote TED as members can create discussions and will invariably stay on the site for longer if they can actively participate in conversations. A blog has also aided TED to be active in the classroom – this recent article highlights how one teacher (a TED Fellow) used TED conversations in her bioelectricity class.

TED-ED’s new YouTube channel has already generated over 2 million video views since launching their first video March 11th 2012. Check out their great introductory video below.

TED and TED-ED have implemented a successful social media strategy to spread their “ideas” – whether you love or hate social media it is the way forward in any business and TED have proved how to use it effectively. You can even download two free TED ring tones another easy way to get people talking about TED!

Cybrary Man’s Educational Web Sites
The Viral Media Lab
Social Times


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