Our Language Is Our Identity

Our language (whether we realise it or not) is part of our identity, but how many of us take this for granted? My first language is Danish and I have never imagined it becoming endangered, however, after doing research for this weeks post I have learnt to appreciate my language as part of my identity. But, what happens when your language is endangered? Does part of your identity become endangered? After watching the video below I have come to the conclusion, that yes, for some cultures and groups, language and identity are intertwined. The video below explains how the Kalispel Tribal Language Program have tried to retain their language in the classroom and highlights the potential devastation of losing a language. In addition the Kalispel Tribal Language Program are also appealing to the younger generation via learning programs online and creating a downloadable Salish font/keyboard package to allow typing in English and all Southern Interior Salish languages.


Kalispel Tribal Language
Stanford Paper – What is identity?


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2 responses to “Our Language Is Our Identity

  1. Louisa

    This is an interesting post – I agree that language is a part of our identity. In psychology, it is evident that with some disorders which are characterised by impairment of language, this clearly has some influence on the individual’s sense of self. I think we do take this for granted – we often use language to express who we are, our emotional states etc. An interesting question to ask would be do bilingual indiviudals have two identities?

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