Dr Rey Junco – Social Media and Students Research Podcast

Have a look at college professor and researcher Dr Rey Junco’s blog all about the vast research he has undertaken in social media and college student’s and how Universities can use social media to their advantage. Packed with several interesting articles and infographics, Dr Rey Junco certainly sells the positive argument to social media in education. Listen to the podcast on this page where Dr Rey Junco discusses his latest findings on social media and students. Dr Rey Junco also discusses the digital divide and the need for Universities/College’s to be more supportive of students who may need training in using certain aspects of technology and social media.

The podcast interview also highlights that student’s sharing links and checking up on friends are “information collection and sharing activities” he argues although they may not be the same as academic activity of information collection and sharing when you do a research paper; “there is an overlap in the underlying elements of these behaviours – they are more academic type activities”

Therefore, a general use of social media can without a student realising help with information collection – this in turn may help research techniques needed in schools/universities. It does, however, according to Dr Junco depend on the links they share.

If you are a student and want to incorporate social media with learning why not set up a delicious account a site to “keep, share and discover the best of the web” It is a brilliant site to keep all your bookmarks in order and retrieve easily whilst studying/writing and best of all its free! You can also take a look at my recent delicious bookmarks in the side bar to learn more about how digital platforms can affect education and learning.

Some examples of social media sites.


Dr Rey Junco – Blog
The Little House Company

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