Social Media Usage – Students and Education

According to the ebook from iCrossing by Antony Mayfield, social media can be defined as “a group of new kinds of online media” they can all be categorised as involving some or all of the following: participation, openness, conversation, community and connectedness. To sum up effectively – social media is user generated content. The internet is changing how we connect and perceive others and ourselves; it is as the author Andrew Keen says the perfect platform for “human’s narcissism” and social media is the ideal stage to flaunt yourself! The pie chart below (created in 2011) shows how average time was spent on the internet with time spent on social media being 14 minutes in an hour.

More and more young people are engaging in social media in fact research by Social Media Solutions LLC show 57% “of social media profile owners age 18 – 29 maintain a profile on more than one site” and with 96% of students on Facebook, 81% of those students accessing Facebook everyday and 43% on Twitter; integrating this top social media site into education would appear fruitful.

One such book which encourages the collaboration of Facebook and education is Hybrid Learning and Education by Joseph Fong et al. Dedicating a chapter on how educators can set up a Facebook page to encourage and enhance student’s learning; the ebook supports evolving education around technology. For more information on the ebook – look at the Goodreads in the side bar.

It appears many educators have with success embraced the use of Facebook and Twitter – amongst other – social media sites to entice students and improve their learning experience. One such teacher is Delainia Haugh an English teacher from Roosevelt High School, Minneapolis, USA – who incorporates Twitter and IM (instant messaging) in her lessons. The video below features Delainia Haugh and some of her students.

Andrew Keen Youtube interview
ISP Review

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